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This was a major concern of many Christian scholars over the centuries.

The chronology is sometimes called the Ussher–Lightfoot chronology because John Lightfoot published a similar chronology in 1642–1644.

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on which the Catholic Bible is based, is the Koine Greek version of the Hebrew Bible translated between 300 BC and 1 BC.Establishing the chronologies is complicated by the fact that the Bible was compiled by different authors over several centuries with lengthy chronological gaps, making it difficult to do a simple totaling of Biblical ages and dates.In his article on Ussher's calendar, James Barr has identified three distinct periods that Ussher and others had to tackle: After reckoning the years from creation to the last kings of Judah, Ussher used 2 Kings to establish the length of time from the creation to the accession of Babylonian king Amel-Marduk (also known as Evil-Merodach).Most people who try to compute a Bible timeline are faced with the same dilemmas. Professor James Barr, a Scottish Old Testament scholar, has identified three distinct periods that Ussher, and all biblical chronologists had to tackle: Early times (Creation to Solomon).Anyone who starts out reading the Bible with Genesis, as many people do, can easily compute the years from Adam to Solomon.

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