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The first time you log-in you will use your license number as your log-in and the last four (4) digits of your social security number for your password.The next screen will prompt you to change your password.If you're having trouble with the steps in this article, additional assistance is available via Cloud Tech, our premium services division. NET designated as your nameservers with your registrar.Our expert engineers can tweak and tune your server for optimal performance. See (mt) Media Temple's DNS/Nameserver information for more (mt) Media Temple nameserver details.

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You will use the same log-in and password any time you access your information on this website.

You can edit an A record in your DNS (Domain Name System) zone file for a domain registered with Go Daddy.

An A record connects your root domain name to an IP address and lets web browsers find your website.

Your employment address is the location of the establishment where you provide therapy in North Carolina. Except for name changes, you may comply with the written and signing requirements of Rules .0403 updating your personal profile online.

Name change requests are still required to be submitted to the Board office by mail along with a photocopy of proof of your name change, i.e.: marriage license, divorce papers, or court documents relating to legal change of birth name.

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