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By fine-tuning your experience to the most relevant you will give yourself enough space to include the achievements from your previous positions.Here is the truth; the way your CV is formatted has huge impact on whether or not you succeed in your job search.Consider taking your time to getting it right as it sets the tone for the entire CV.Try and include a few verifiable examples from your career and demonstrate the value and expertise that you are bringing with you.Your CV is designed to do one thing: to get you an interview.However, on average recruiters will spend less than 30 seconds looking at it.So whether it’s altering the appearance of your CV to make it more distinct, ensuring there is a consistent brand message woven through the document or defining a memorable brand statement, your CV is a core component of your personal branding campaign and requires constant maintenance.

It is the gateway to you getting that job and you should be doing everything you can to position yourself as the best candidate.Your personal statement or career objective is a one paragraph statement that draws attention to the things that you want a potential employer to notice most about you.If you have not applied for jobs for a long time and have gained other skills along the way, this is the first section that you should update.However, avoid going overboard with this but just add a few words here and there to show the hiring manager that you have a grasp of what you are talking about.Most employers will skim through a CV in a few seconds and so including the right phrases will grab their attention.

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