Updating virtualcenter

v Center Upgrade: Once you have worked through all the upgrade screens you are ready for upgrade.

Confirm the settings, take note of the fact that once updated the v Center will be in evaluation mode, meaning you need to apply a new v Center 6.x license once completed, check the checkbox that states you have a backup of the v Center machine and database and you should be good to go.

Update 1 brings new features to v Center, includes some security patches, and lastly fixes a few previous issues.

With VMware releasing v Sphere 6.5 in November there should be an increased desire for IT shops to start seriously thinking about moving on from there existing v Sphere versions and upgrading to the latest 6.5 release however many people I know where still running v Sphere 5.5, so the jump to 6.5 directly might not be possible due to internal policies or other business reasons.

Once that’s been generated you can replace the existing certificate by following a previous post I did using the VMware SSL Certificate Updater Tool.

After all that, in any case I got the warning below saying that the 5.5 SSL Certificates do not meet security requirements, and so new SSL certificates will need to be generated for v Center Server 6.0.0.

you should be ok to hit Next again and continue the upgrade.

Export of 5.x Data: During the upgrade the 5.5 data is stored in a directory and then migrated to 6.0.

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