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so it all depends on explorer.chrome yes, but ie no.

So, we should update the whole animation when we want to change the time.

This type of animation leaves users feeling frustrated and unhappy, and likely wishing you didn't animate things at all.

Some properties are more expensive to change than others, and are therefore more likely to make things stutter.

Note that here we simply plot an empty line: we'll add data to the line later.

Next we'll create the functions which make the animation happen.

You can find some good example animations on the matplotlib examples page.Instead, use strategically placed animations to the user interactions.If they tap the menu icon, swipe to reveal a navigation drawer, or tap a button, use perhaps a subtle glow or bounce to acknowledge the interaction.The video for the updatepanel is just a simple updating page and I'd like to make use of other techniques. , I see the change in the element inspector in Chrome, but the actual animation speed doesn't change.

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