Updating sharepoint

Even though you are only updating a single record, the Get Items action could potentially get multiple records.As long as you are using a field that uniquely identifies the single record you want to change, this will work.Before you install Share Point 2013, you need to run the Share Point 2013 Prerequisite installer.This is included with the Share Point ISO/bits, and can be kicked off by running from the Share Point ISO.I spent a while searching through forums to find out how to accomplish this, so I’m documenting it here in the hopes it helps someone else.We know we need a starting point from which the updates originate.For starters, Cumulative Updates went from being released every other month to being released EVERY month.

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Share Point 2013 has now been in the wild for two years, and with that amount of time comes a LOT of updates to it.

Do the same thing as you did in Step 3, where you close the Products & Technologies Configuration Wizard when you’re done – we will run that at the very end.

In the last six months there’s been a few changes to how updates work for Share Point 2013.

You should end up with something resembling the image below.

You should populate the ID field with the ID from the Get Items result.

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