Updating screened in porch

Roberto applied both coats of the deck paint with a roller.Screening under the deck floor: To keep insects from coming in through the cracks of the floor, I had Roberto put screening underneath the deck.Roberto applied the primer (at left) with a paint brush so that he could get between the cracks of the wood.This was a time consuming task, but was well worth it for a finished look.He ran one extension cord to an electrical outlet, and we turn the lights on and off at this one plug.Since we only use these at night, this is not a problem at all.So far, the screen has worked; I have yet to see a bug inside my porch.

It cost .00 per roll, and we bought four rolls for our 250 square foot deck.

Especially in the South, bugs can ruin a party in no time, and any place where there is food, they will get in if no barrier is in place.

Lighting: To dress up the porch at night, I decided to put string lights along the ceiling, and I am thrilled with the look!

We took it down several months ago but do plan to get Roberto to put in a new one.

Here is a breakdown of what we did, along with most of the items and where to buy: Flooring: We began the project by having Roberto pull up the existing indoor/outdoor carpet and prep the wood for painting.

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