Updating registry with ocx files

Improperly shutting down your PC or getting a virus infection could corrupt the vsflex8l.ocx, which could create lead to Active X errors.

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Are you only changing the reports themselves, or the actual program? I'd recommend running that (if you haven't) and then use regsvr32again to re-register your OCX.

AS long as the exe gets recompliled the ocx gets registered.

Or is there a better way of going about having a component that can be updated on the fly?

If you are only changing the report, all you need to distribute is the new . If you are actually changing the databases associated with the reports, that could get a little more complicated. But if you use the Report's active X control you don't have to have the report ditributed with the program as long as I was reading it correctly. You might consider using a batch program to update this OCX on the users machine.

If I don't use the active X control then I have a chance of the rpt file being lost. You are right, with the Active X control you can bind a report to a data control and then you don't need the rpt files.

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