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Whenever a user performs a search query like light Linux-based operating systems, there are good chances that the user is looking for some Linux distro that can be installed and run on an old computer with limited hardware capabilities.Bodhi Linux, the Enlightened Linux Distribution, is one such lite Linux distribution that witnessed its first release in the year 2011.Just like many other Linux distros, you can also go for the live booting option using CD/DVD or USB.It boots itself entirely into the RAM on bootup, so it’s pretty fast and responsive.The latest Bodhi 5.0.0 release is based on Ubuntu 18.04 core and is the first major release from the project.The project offers three releases Standard, Legacy, and App Pack.

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Puppy Linux 7.5 is the latest release of the distro.If you’re looking for a Linux distro that’s equally lightweight, beginner-friendly, and good looking, your search should end here.It’s a great Ubuntu-based lightweight Linux OS that’s based on LTS releases.Overall, Linux Lite manages to do something that other popular Linux distributions struggle matching.Even after maintaining a lightweight stature, Linux Lite comes with all major tools and delivers uncompromised performance.

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