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Here’s how to configure your app’s settings, manage your favorite’s list, and set up the live tile.To add your location to the Windows 10 Weather app, start by finding the tile in your Start menu, and opening up the program.Important: You must perform your first Hot Sync operation with a local, direct serial connection.The following steps assume that you have already installed the Palm Desktop software.Some include: Two years have passed since people started complaining about the problem, but Microsoft still hasn’t revealed any plans about a patch in the pipeline that could resolve it.We’ll be sure to amend this article if a hotfix is ever released.RELATED: However, users on the official Windows 10 forum have reported that sometimes, after resizing the Weather app on their Start menu, the icon stops showing live updates, even with repeated restarts.

Can I get the contacts in Palm’s software into the Mac OS X Address Book without too much difficulty? Now click on the “Export” button and you’ll have a new file on your desktop.

The only feature unaffected by the Launch Location setting are the articles listed in the News tab, which will stay the same no matter where your city is set.

If you’re travelling often (or just a meteorology junkie), you can set a list of favorites in the Places tab.

Though there aren’t a ton of settings available, you can choose what type of temperature the app displays in (Fahrenheit or Celsius), as well as the location that you see when the app first pops up.

The “Launch Location” setting controls what you see when the app boots up.

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