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Although this language sounds vague, you should also know that while OSHA does not mandate a specified inspection and re-certification schedule that is universally applicable to all fall protection equipment manufacturers, their inspectors do insist on record keeping.

In short, you must document compliance with manufacturer inspection and re-certification guidelines to avoid citations and penalties.

For those looking for a simpler approach, we provide downloadable PPE inspection logs.

Remember, to be in compliance, these inspections must be completed by a “qualified person.” For DFP installed engineered systems, we keep duplicate records documenting specifications as well as repair and re-certification paperwork that may be required during an OSHA inspection.

Commenters must submit lengthy attachments that supplement these documents (e.g., studies, journal articles) to the OSHA Docket Office, Technical Data Center, Room N–2625, U. Submit a copy of comments and any additional material (e.g., studies, journal articles) to the OSHA Docket Office, Docket No.Other revisions included updating the consensus standard incorporated by reference for signs and devices used to protect workers near automobile traffic; revising the requirements for roll-over protective structures to comply with current consensus standards; and updating the method of calling emergency services to allow for use of current technology.OSHA also removed from its standards the requirements that employers include an employee's social security number on exposure monitoring, medical surveillance, and other records.There is much confusion surrounding OSHA regulations regarding re-certification of engineered fall protection systems and inspection requirements for the personal protective equipment (PPE) used in conjunction with these systems. ” seems simple, but the answers are a bit complex because you won’t find an OSHA regulation specifying inspection and re-certification timetables.Instead, you’ll find language stating engineered systems and PPE must be inspected /and /or re-certified by a competent person on a schedule specified by the manufacturer.

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