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at least as long as you pay for the yearly subscription. Although it’s almost impossible to check what the Norton 360 renewal subscription price is without having Norton 360 on your computer, I checked the subscription renewal prices before I uninstalled Norton 360 last year, and here is what I found…Those prices may now be lower (in 2016), but even so, considering that I can purchase an entirely new Internet security product from someone else for as little as .00, that’s a lot of money for one year of just getting definition updates!

However, when your virus definition subscription runs out, you’ll still have to renew it with Symantec if you want to continue using Norton 360. Second, no longer getting updated “core components” bothers me, especially since protection technology is always improving as new security threats appear. it might be time for you to move on to something else when your subscription is up. In 2015, when the “first versions” of the new “Norton Security” products were released, most of the reviews on the product were less than stellar.

What Symantec had done is create a a new web site just for the Norton products ( I say “off and on” because about 15 years ago, in the late 1990’s after seeing it slow my computers down, I dropped Norton Anti-Virus and switched to other protection solutions for a few years, while Symantec re-tooled Norton and then re-released it as a brand new, top-rated security solution in the early 2000’s.

further separating the Norton brand from the name Symantec. I picked it back up in about 2004, and had been using it ever since.

I’m also a fan of Bitdefender Antivirus Free Edition (CLICK HERE to visit their site, Hopefully, I’ve answered some of your questions about Norton 360, and maybe a few others about Internet Security in general.

For example, one I visited was PC Magazine (PC Magazine – The Best Antivirus Utilities for 2016 – CLICK HERE to read it), but I also made the rounds to PC World, CNet, and other sites I trust for good technology news.

And then after looking through the current reviews, took a handful of the programs that rated toward the top of lists, and individually check out their sites and “Googled” them to see what others were saying. magazines (all of which are published by Sandhills Publishing in Lincoln, NE).

Over a four year span I wrote about 30 articles on all kinds of technology topics, including a couple on Anti-Virus and Internet Security programs.

And as I update this article in February of 2016, PC Advisor in the UK has even put it at the top of their list (although many other sites still have them pretty low).[NOTE: One example of how Symantec seems to be moving away from directly working with consumers like you and I is the case where local vendors (who will go nameless) are “partnering” with Symantec to offer security solutions using Symantec Endpoint Protection (CLICK HERE to read about the product on Symantec.com).]To be honest with you, one problem I’ve always had with many of the Norton products is that they almost tried to do TOO MUCH!

Not only did they cover the first two points I made in the previous section about staying safe (Anti-Virus / Anti-Malware / Firewall), but it also performed lots of computer maintenance stuff that really had nothing to do with Internet security.

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