Updating microsoft streets and trips

DMTI is another company that, like Navteq and Tele Atlas, compiles maps for various industries.

They make the Metroguide Canada product for Garmin.

You can look in small towns along major corridors that are also pretty sketchy when it comes to missing street names, parts of the street grid and major geographical features like rivers and lakes and parks.

It doesn't have to be remote to be overlooked by Navteq's data collectors. Ken, what I meant to say was that DMTI Spatial covers only Canada. It is excellent that Garmin uses DMTI's data, and it is unfortunate that Microsoft few years ago discontinued using DMTI Spatial as one of its data providers for Streets & Trips.

I guess they need a more dependable source than me. Ed Just for clarification for anyone reading this who aren't familiar with the Garmin stuff, they make a "North American" product called City Navigator North America. I have version 8 and it is virtually identical to my Streets & Trips 2008.

That's no surprise because both are based on Navteq data.

Unfortunately because there hasn't been an update from Garmin to the Metroguide Canada product since I bought it I can't tell how much more up to date it might or might not be on hiway changes, new subdivisions and such. Anyone who, like me, likes to avoid such areas will constantly be finding deficiencies like this. Ken, if my memory serves me correctly, several years ago even Microsoft used DMTI as one of its map data providers for Streets & Trips.Check an Alberta atlas or roadmap that shows the Red Deer river accurately. At any zoom level that gives you detail it simply disappears.Now pull up the area around Gleniffer Lake on and see the difference. You will see all the range roads ending for no apparent reason but there is otherwise no sign of the river.The Dickson Dam that creates the Gleniffer Lake has been there for years and years.Even though the Metroguide Canada map shows the Red Deer River it still doesn't show the dam or the road across it.

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