Updating maps on garmin nuvi

Remember that the lithium-ion battery in this unit probably will need replacement in the future. I have had so many problems trying any new firmware from Garmin for the discontinued 750 that I concluded that Garmin's software group does not own any 750 units anymore.

And no, you don’t have to pay for updated maps either, even if your GPS is older or unregistered with the company.

I think this Model 50 has more modern features like junction view and is a better option that paying for lifetime maps for a 750.

Howard Another option is to buy a Sandisk SD card and place the maps on the SD card.

When it comes to updating any of the Garmin devices, make sure that you have got Garmin Express installed on your system.

Garmin Express is smart and exclusive software which is used to download and install the latest golf course maps and software updates for the Garmin Golf Device.

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