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Our database requires pretty regular maintenance (VACUUM/ANALYZE) to keep it running smoothly.

I could avoid some of this by more carefully optimizing autovacuum and other settings, and it's not so much of an issue if you're not doing many DELETEs.

One note (that I always have to share): If you are planning on working with your data set over time, its probably best to get the data into a database of some type. The documentation claims that you just need to install dask, but I had to install ‘toolz’ and ‘cloudpickle’ to get dask’s dataframe to import.Oracle you install it and it works very well without the need to start configuring before you can use it.This chapter describes all of the SQL data types that Point Base supports.I'd mirror and preaggregate data on some other server in e.g. I highlighted the Joins and No SQL Support as you mentioned you will need to run a series of reports.I dont know how much (if any) not having the abililty to do this will have on you running reports if you where to use this.

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