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In the not too distant future, it’s possible this system will be migrated to a KVM virtual machine, so then it will definitely get a new kernel.

Last week-end, I also updated my parent’s system to 2009.1 Cooker.

Mandriva Linux 2006 already has been released to Mandriva Club members.

It likely will be released to the public and retail trade shortly.

Today you get a good overview of installing and removing software to and from a Mandriva Linux system using the MCC Software Management tab -- with a little bit of tutorial and how-to thrown in.

Mandriva's Software Management tools make Installing and removing software easy, simple, and efficient.

That opens access to nearly all the software that Mandriva has packaged for its Linux distribution, which is much more than the software included in the installation CDs or DVD.As a consequence, the operating system will have all the latest bug fixes, performance enhancements, and patches ensuring compatibility with new hardware.A kernel is a core part of a Linux operating system, which manages the system resources, and provides interface between hardware and software applications.A big problem with trying to install software on a GNU-based Linux system has to do with something called dependencies.Mandriva's Software Packages Installation module transparently cleans up all that dependency mess.

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