Updating kernal

In case errors are found, a replacement of the RAM module is advised.

These faulty hardware components may comprise faulty PCI cards and VGA cards.

In addition, you should verify that all hardware components such as network cards, graphics card, and other PCI cards are compatible with your Windows 10 system.

If any incompatibilities occur, the components should be removed and swapped with compatible ones.

Sometimes, users can inadvertently download device drivers from untrusted websites only to discover that the drivers are corrupt, incompatible or outdated triggering the Blue screen error.

A similar scenario would play out when upgrading to a newer version of Windows e.g.

Should the memory module fail the test, an immediate replacement is advised because the module is irreparable.

In addition to the built-in Windows memory diagnostic tool, there are other third-party memory testing applications which you can download online.

If updating your drivers (see guide below) doesn’t help to fix the UNEXPECTED KERNEL error, then this might be the problem, and we suggest that you scan the memory to see if it is.And as we all know, heat is a great enemy to electronic devices, including PCs.Fortunately, the annoying error can be remedied and users can get back to their normal PC operations.from Windows 7 to Windows 8 or downgrading from a current to an older version e.g. Other factors that could trigger this kind of error include Dust is the main culprit behind overheating of the of motherboard components.Dust clogs up the CPU fan and obstructs free air circulation leading to building up of heat within the motherboard.

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