Updating hard drive macbook pro

After I published my first SSD swapping article, several commenters opined that they felt the upgrade was too difficult for regular people to handle on their own.

In my opinion, reasonable people — given their particular skills, concern levels about technology, and Mac models — will differ on this subject.

When I first wrote this article a 480G SSD drive was 79.99! If you do get a Crucial SSD you can go for the MX or BX series. For this you will need a cable to connect your SSD drive to your USB port.

I’ve also got a Samsung EVO drive running in a 2012 Macbook pro and it’s running fine. They are only about and they look like this: The external drive enclosures for normal hard disks should also work with an SSD.

Under System Preferences click Startup Drive select the SSD Drive, then restart! )Now that it’s working it’s time to get rid of your old hard drive and physically replace it with the working SSD.

As noted above, the Transcend and OWC kits come with the screwdrivers you’ll need, as well as external drive housings to help you migrate your files.

Amazon now offers an “Expert Installation” add-on for SSDs, currently priced at 0-0 depending on city, with a promise that a technician will arrive at your location with “the right tools and experience to complete the installation quickly, correctly, and safely the first time.” Data transfer is also included in the price.

You can add this to your cart at the time of SSD purchase.

Until there’s a major breakthrough in mac OS software development that demands a substantially better CPU or GPU, your old Mac will be a viable (and faster) daily driver — not bad for only 0 or so.

SDD stands for ‘Solid State Drive.’ SSD drives are the same shape and size as a traditional drive. I’d suggest you upgrade your entire hard drive to SSD.

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