Updating graduates educational programs

See below for the most common workflows used by other schools.*This is not recommended unless user-requested or required.Provides advanced preparation in understanding and applying expanded notions of literacy, language learning, and culture and its intersections along with the choice of a specialization in 1) literacies with a supporting emphasis on multilingualism including English language learning and teaching or 2) multilingualism including English language learning and teaching with a supporting emphasis in literacies.

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The Graduate Residency in Education for Environment and Community at Island Wood (an outdoor learning center) focuses on the integration of educational theory from environmental, experiential and multicultural education with practice teaching 4th, 5th and 6th graders in a school overnight program.The products of this study will be an interim report and a final report that is widely disseminated for analysis and adoption of new programs, policies, and practices that enhance STEM graduate education.This may include dissemination activities on campuses, at professional society meetings and in other venues to share the report's findings and recommendations and to engage stakeholders in discussions around implementing new strategies, programs and models.A key task will be to learn from employers how graduate education can continue to evolve to anticipate future workforce needs.• Identify possible changes to federal and state programs and funding priorities and structures that would better reflect the research and training needs of graduate students.

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