Updating fedora core

Just adding one problem as an issue is also a big help, so please spend 5 minutes of your free time, and add any problem you like.

In this tutorial, I will show you how to rollback from a bad distro update of Fedora 31 to the old one Fedora 30.

Have a look at the issues, feel free to pick up any open issue or create issues with various problems which you think are good to learn.

Things can be as easy as a directory to another system, or setting up Tor Project and use it as a system proxy.

libdnf wasn’t being build with wasn’t defined, so libdnf never passed librepo the base cache directory, so librepo can’t find the old zchunk files, so librepo downloads the non-zchunk metadata. The goal was to have the basics covered in the book, and the same time not to try to explain things which can be learned better via man pages (yes, we encourage people to read man pages).

This one question always came up, many times, the students managed to destroy their systems by doing random things.

is always one of the various commands in this regard.

Now, the book has a new chapter, LYM Workbook, where the reader can set up VMs in the local machine via Vagrant, and go through a series of problems in those machines.

The Fedora kernel generates 3 types of kernel releases: official releases (v5.2, v5.2.1), rc releases (v5.3-rc6), and snapshots that don't correspond to an official tag.

I’m not sure how many have noticed, but DNF hasn’t been downloading zchunk metadata in Fedora since the beginning of this month due to a bug in… And, when that happens, almost nobody will notice (but their metadata downloads will be greatly reduced in size again) Back in July, a bug was found in RHEL 8 that caused a crash if zchunk-enabled repos were found.

The bug turned out to be in librepo, where was defined in all recent versions.

The numbers mean nothing at this point except they keep getting larger.

I'd love to see the numbers correspond to a date since the kernel is basically on a time base release at this point anyway.

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