Updating dll in global assembly cache

We’ll also gain an understanding about publisher policy and code base attributes related to an assemblies and the manipulation of their configurations.We briefly illustrate the delay signing and probing process of both types of assemblies.Furthermore, a copy of a private assembly is placed in the solution reference directory.As a rule of thumb, when you are building libraries that need to be used by a variety of applications, shared assemblies can be quite helpful in that they can be updated to new versions very easily.Native Image Generator We can compile the IL code to native code at installation time.This way the program can start faster because compilation during runtime is no longer necessary.The utility installs the native image in the native image cache.

If a private assembly is compiled to native code using the native image generator, the compiled native code goes into GAC.

They are intended to be used only with that software, which means that you have much more control what software uses them.

A private assembly is found either in the same directory or within one of its subdirectories.

Private assemblies are the normal way to build assemblies, especially when an application and its components are built within the same infrastructure.

Technically speaking, the code library that we have created so far in samples in the previous articles samples has been considered as private assemblies.

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