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When another pair uses the same pairing station, the authors are changed at the beginning of the session.To get up and running with this technique, run When working in repos with a large codebase, Bash-it can slow down your prompt when checking the repo status.

Feel free to enable the tools you want to use after the installation.

If you're using the Please take a look at the Contribution Guidelines before reporting a bug or providing a new feature.

The Development Guidelines have more information on some of the internal workings of Bash-it, please feel free to read through this page if you're interested in how Bash-it loads its components.

(Bash Shell v4.4 with Bash-it, bats and bash-completion based on Alpine Linux). If you are using an older version of Bash-it, it's possible that some functionality has changed, or that the internal structure of how Bash-it organizes its functionality has been updated.

For these cases, we provide a to the search command, you can automatically enable all modules that come up as a result of a search query.

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