Updating backtrack kernel

Everything works fine from a clean copy so if I could somehow get a clean copy to load I'd be all sorted. I'd used Virtual Box in the past and found it to be fairly solid, but had switched to VMware as it's what I had used on my corporate machine.With all the issues I had been having I thought I'd try firing up a clean version of the latest Back Track iso in Virtual Box. I felt like an idiot, I'd wasted so much time chasing all these issues, why hadn't I just done this in the first place?Everytime the system was booting I received the error: "The CPU has been disabled by the guest operating system." After hours of googling and tweaking settings I couldn't find a solution.Frustrating but well these things happen, if anyone knows a fix I'd be interested to know.With the fresh copy installed in Virtual Box both msfupdate and Metasploit database work fine.Now I just need to transfer over my Windows images from VMware.I assumed it would be a straight forward import, but it turns out there's even more tweaking to be done due to the fact that the installed kernel and drivers depend on the underlying (virtual) hardware.

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Pay attention and don’t delete the wrong kernel or you’ll have to re-run genkernel.

For a long while I was using BT5R1 in VMware Workstation 7 which I had upgraded to BT5R2.

I wanted to upgrade to BT5R3 but both the ISO and vmware image I had downloaded from the Backtrack site, were giving me errors.

When I went to run msfupdate it no longer worked and was giving me an error saying my SVN client was too old.

At this point I decided to completely remove Metasploit and grab the latest version using SVN as per the advice here: https://community.rapid7.com/thread/2293 rm -rf /opt/framework/msf3/* svn co https://metasploit.com/svn/framework3/trunk/ /opt/framework/msf3 The version under /opt/framework/msf3 was now up to date, but did not have database functionality.

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