Updating an old china hutch

So I did this, with these drawer pulls I already had: And the sliding doors didn’t have knobs, so I added these knobs I got for 87 cents: And here she is today…with her pretty, new green interior: Then I got to do the fun part. I used things I already had around the house, so it’s not what I would fill it with in a perfect world, but it’ll have to do for now.🙂I can’t wait to inject even more color into my Kitchen through the beadboard backsplash (which I’ve now decide to paint this same shade of green), window treatments, artwork and rugs.We went together to select a color and purchase the supplies. Not too much, just wherever I think it might have shown wear had it belonged to Marie Antoinette!

Your custom china cabinet will be built in your choice of wood and finish type, with wood species such as oak, cherry, brown maple, and many more to choose from so you can design the perfect china cabinet for your home.

Although your old China hutch may have featured an old wooden look, its elegance is easily restored by adding paint and/or contact paper.

The color you choose should complement the hutch, as well as, the room it sits in.

This piece of furniture looks great in both light and dark shades, which gives you a wide selection on color choices.

Depending on the condition of your old China hutch, you may need to sand it lightly, prior to adding your new tone.

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