Updating a passport

You will be notified of the outcome through a notification card by post or email.

If you have a valid passport with a remaining validity of nine months or less when applying for a new passport, the remaining validity will be carried over to your new passport.

In this case, your new passport will have a validity of five years, plus the remaining validity of your old passport (up to nine months).

You've booked the cheap flights, found the perfect hotel, but you've just remembered your passport is expiring soon. Here's everything you need to know about passport renewal, from where your passport office is, to how to apply for a passport online.

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We will notify you via post/email if your photo is rejected.

If you reside in Singapore, you can submit your application via the following modes Online Login to our e-Service using your Sing Pass 2FA to complete the online application form.

View here for video guides on online passport application via My ICABy post or deposit box Obtain a Singapore Passport Application Form.

You may be required to provide additional documents to support your application.

Please see Photo Guidelines for information on photo requirements.

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