Updating a dated kitchen

Charissa and Todd had a great idea for giving a more modern look to their cabinets.

After painting the cabinets white Charissa focused on the details by giving the cabinet hardware a new look, too.

Over the years, the 2011 square foot manufactured home has been getting updates and additions to fit the family’s needs.

In 2015, the family thought it was time for a modern kitchen.

This charming manufactured home kitchen update only cost 0!

In the charming town of Westport, Indiana sits a 1996 Dutch double wide with a modern new kitchen.

Biggest challenge: Our biggest challenge in the kitchen makeover was the island!

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For less than 0 you can find 8’x4′ laminate sheets in several styles at your local home improvement store.

Smart Tiles create texture and dimension at a great price and best of all, they are easy to install.

They are perfect for a manufactured home kitchen update!

Installing laminate sheeting over existing countertops requires special tools but they are not expensive and you may be able to rent them.

Learn how to install laminate sheeting over your existing countertops here (This Old House).

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