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At this giant make-out sesh, single men and couples must be open to everything, including same-sex play.Lodged above Madame X, Lip Service exudes images straight from Moulin Rouge.“Low, red light, curved plush furniture, fringed lace lamps, racy art on the walls,” Larisa Fuchs—a.k.a. “Dressing up is required, so everyone is looking their best, frequently in corsets or slinky lingerie.”But her outings are for amateurs, the types that want to giggle about “how crazy last night was.” Lip Service attracts youngsters who crave a story scrubbed of the grime and grit of real sex.“A month or two earlier they had been to a ‘swinger’ party in Manhattan where the host had asked them to leave.I told her to come, and that if anyone had a problem, we’d take that up with them, not with her.”Though they cater to different customers, both School of Sex and Chemistry agree on one thing.“Women are in charge—that is the key,” Rocco and Jasmine said.

The producers reject the “swinger” title because of its negative, male-centric connotations, and people from all walks and phases of life are welcome.“We had a member couple write once that hadn’t yet been to a party, and the woman wanted to know if they could attend given the fact that she was seven months pregnant,” Kenny Blunt recalled.In the “underground” world of sex parties, only Mythical Events puts an emphasis on an uninhibited mindset.“My demographic is the queer, for all values of the term,” Mythical Events founder Yandy wrote in an e-mail.“The strange, the illegible, the glittery, the gruesome and the kicked-out.”When asked to share his most memorable moments from past celebrations, Yandy cited his success from Myth 4, where a member of his crew asked him to fulfill an odd fantasy that involved hands, feet and a strap-on.“I recruited excited participants and a couple of lube assistants and ended up with that person having an explosive orgasm while penetrating five different people at once on a stage that has previously hosted Cyndi Lauper and Placebo,” Yandy said.”To cross uncharted ground and make sex hot again, millennials have started application-only clubs for their own un-sleazy carnal adventures. Unlike in the ’60s, free love now costs membership dues and sometimes a boob job to pass the beauty test.In the eyes of some of the city’s swingers, sexual exploration is only O. Other times, IQ or an appreciation for Pollock may be the golden ticket to an adult Wonka factory.

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