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Cynthia's daughter Noelle is in her teens and hates school. She doesn't want to go and feels sad in the morning when she leaves. She meets Miss Lawrence for lunch to discuss why he's so skinny and she's so fabulous.Cynthia wants her daughter to be homeschooled, but Noelle's father thinks she needs to keep going to school and possibly a different school if she's unhappy. Kenya isn't from Atlanta and has lived in LA for twelve years but she's always been close friends with Lawrence who appears to know nothing about her and is in this for the camera time. Kenya plops down, tosses her hair back, and airily begins a monologue about her fabulosity.And we unfortunately met new Housewife, Kenya Moore.She made a helluva a first impression – I now totally associate Kenya with "coochie crack." Here's how she introduced herself: She yelled "coochie crack" at the top of her lungs about 20 times, then screamed 'SECURITY! Ne Ne Leakes, who is channeling Bret Michaels realness with that bandana.

As Kim takes the tour she complains about the inground pool, the master bedroom, how big it is, and every aspect of Kandi's decor.' like she was some sort of A-Lister up there with Victoria Beckham. Surprisingly Greggalicious is also part of the equation. I'm not sure if you're aware, but a certain lady who just had a baby and who happens to wear wigs and also happens to be on RHOA (at least temporarily) and also happens to be named Kim and is friends with Kandi just named her son KASH. Remember George and the name Seven and then his friends stole it.He's fetching her mail and begging her for some love. The couple has been together for a year and they just bought a house together. And just what name do they want for their hopefully-coming-soon-new son? So what think we: random coincidence or name thievery. There she is in all her glory, pregnant, acting crass-y in her borrowed mansion and blaming others for being evicted. KJ is turning one and 'Nana and Pop' (aka Kim's parents) haven't seen him but they sent a birthday card with a check, which Kim disdainfully tosses aside, dismissing them for not having "much." It disappoints me that Kroy Biermann is either stooping to her level, was always really gross, or is really blinded by his um… KIM'S MOM FIGHTING FOR VISITATION OF BRIELLE AND ARIANNA!They decide to ask Noelle what she wants and she's like, 'no effing way do I want to be stuck in this house all day with my mom and creepy step-dad' and she wants to go to school. It includes being wildly rich and successful, well known, the possessor of a 4000 square foot house she lives in by her lonesome, how she was engaged a mere six times but could never make it down the aisle, and how she is now dating some sort of awkward-looking mogul who better propose and knock her up like yesterday!Kenya also really likes her butt and herself and she works out constantly and everyone wants to be like her and look like her and flaunt it on the cover of Stuff Magazine.

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