Twelve year olds dating

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these are great awnsers but think 50 year olds date 40 year olds all the time im not saying 6 year… Kids should be at least 14 years old to date in my opinion.

it depends on how mature the 12 year old it is and the guy or girl he or she is going with It is ok, so long as everying is legal and every person involved is happy in you doing so.

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I believe that the appropriate age is 16 to go out on dates, and then go with friends the first couple of should only crush on a boy if your 12 and when ur 14 or15 then i think you should start to ask him out but when ur 12 u should just see what he likes and what are his intrests in life so when you ask him to go out with u then you know if you really do want to go out with him. but it would be at your own descression on weither the 12 year old is responsible enough. its not illegal until they reach the 16-18 year old limit then it will be. Some states legal age to baby sit is 12 which is legal.Being only 12, it is best not to get involved with anything that might not be…well 12 year olds can ride a bike, 13 year olds can go see pg-13 movies, 14 year olds can go to high school, 15 year olds can get their learner's permit and 16 year olds can get their driver's licenses!!! that's gross shes in middle school come on It is okay.

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