Truth online dating rachel hendrix and jason burkey dating

You may have demonstrated that online game is low ROI, even though the bio is far from optimised and the sample size is quite small.You would really need to do a lot more than 100 swipes to begin to draw any definite conclusions though, and then your conclusions would only be relevant for the city you happen to be swiping in, as different cities can vary drastically even within the one country...

I don't do online game, except for a rare few times in the past. I mean...guy looks normal, just decent photos and bio is pretty shitty. Heck, girls now go out and start swiping while they're out.Certainly I've had bangs from online and I'm less attractive than the guy pictured (although I've had much more success with okcupid than with tinder), and I'm gaming in a difficult city.Even if the ROI could be proven to be 2/100 (assuming the fake profile bangs both his matches), that's not that much worse than day game statistics.But there are definitely some girls that are on that app that are willing to meet up, and fuck, guys like me and you. Also the majority of the time guys do fuck girls every so often, the girls are generally at least 2 points below the guy, and in countries like Aus/NZ the guys who get girls don't realise how attractive they are(and how gross/mediocre the girls are).That being said, reading Corsega's thread and others I don't think anything's impossible.

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