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My costume entails bathing suits, short-shorts and nude scenes.”But will ‘True Blood’ with its graphic sex scenes make ‘Twilight’ a thing of the past?

According to Anna it won’t: "They're completely different age groups that they're trying to appeal to.

The story kicks off when Tom hears news of a shocking abduction, convincing him that a killer he once investigated and brought to justice - the so-called Crow - has returned.

The victim's family are soon placed under Tom's protection in the coastal safe house he runs as a business with his partner Sam, played by Zoe Tapper.

STEPHEN Moyer may have made his name playing an American vampire, but the English actor is back on British TV.

Here's the scoop on the former True Blood star, who has taken the lead role on ITV's Safe House...

It’s only a matter of time before the talented and (very) lovely “True Blood” star Deborah Ann Woll begins to break out beyond the now silly HBO show (not that it was Shakespeare to begin with — but how many more subplots can it add? This summer she had a very nice minor, but important turn in the excellent, but unfortunately ignored “Ruby Sparks” and in case you forgot, she was in early talks for Paul Thomas Anderson‘s “The Master” for the role of Elizabeth before the movie was dumped by Universal, in its first incarnation.

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And the pair are hotter than anything in smash hit film 'Twilight', which catapulted hunky Brit Pattinson to international stardom.But he landed that role a whole 15 years after beginning his on-screen career.Stephen began his career in theatre, working at the National Theatre Wales, the RSC and Oxford Stage Company after graduating from LAMDA.This is moving right along and will shoot in Manhattan next month.Hopefully it will allow Woll to step up to bigger and better things.

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