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He has such an amazing face with his beautiful brown eyes, and amazing lips. You realize who the stranger is under the hood and you stand there star struck.

" You scream into the phone as you're walking own the street alone. " You don't talk for a little while listening to your friends bicker over the phone trying really hard not to yell at the top of your lungs that they're all idiots and Joe is the ultimate champion of the hotness contest for Fall Out Boy members. You realize you're still on the phone and they call your name out asking why aren't answering. "You do realize it's asking every bit of self control I have not to jump you and hug you, right?

I use it on guitar and bass, live and in the studio. Regardless, I’m pretty obsessed with it and I like to accessorize and upgrade it all the time.

As a person born on this date, Joe Trohman is listed in our database as the 25th most popular celebrity for the day (September 1) and the 164th most popular for the year (1984).A working cell phone with real buttons.6) What band changed your life but you can’t stand their music anymore? Drinking shitty water and dying from it.10) What was your favorite print cartoon growing up? I did some of my growing up in a pretty crappy place called Chagrin Falls, Ohio. I also liked Life In Hell and Bloom County a lot.11) If you could be the guitarist in any other band which band would it be? I think a lot of mid to late 90s hardcore bands would fit into that category. "Because I've seen every possible interview with you in it." You smile hiding your inner fangirl that really wants to come out and hug and kiss him to death. Bye." You hit the end call button and turn our full attention to Joe. Don't you dare screw this up, (Y/N) or I swear to what ever god is up there I will kill you! You finally get home and you say "Well, here we are. " You walk home discussing your passions..his discussed his because yours only consisted of him and Fall Out Boy and of course you managed to sneak a "Not bad, Joe" when the moment was right.

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