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b) we will establish a connection, run this package once in a month and disconnect.

we dont do any more stuff in that same session/connection.

Is that something can be achieved without using Triggers?

April 22, 2012 - am UTC you cannot really truly prevent the owner. Never grant anything on that column (do not grant update)Do not put code into the schema owner Lock the schema owner except for upgradessure, you could use a trigger and make everything slower for everyone (and still not solve the problem, I'm the owner, I'll just disable it).

With any PLSQL code (which trigger is) there is a context switch - correct? Is "WHEN" condition checked by PLSQL engine (not sure I'm correct with terminology) or Oracle is smart enough to do it in SQL context and in case condition fails escapes context switch? January 28, 2008 - am UTC It does not and be careful with that. If something exists in another table (t2) and I create a row in this table (t1) then something has to be true.

(Because when clauses does the required and takes time) for example update emp set sal=sal 10in this update statement there is no user/status column.

Do you see/feel any flaw in this logic (or) any better way of doing this?

If you need i can show my script, which i used for testing.

This question is Hi Tom We got a de-normalized table with around 150 columns and around 50 millions rows. Dont you think we need such feature in Oracle, if not already available.

Thanks Koshal In the question I asked, I used the when clause.

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