Transgender dating connection

"I thought how can this be, coming from one of the most known therapists in the area who treats people with dysphoria? They want to use me in the same way pervy men chase them.

Multiple transgender women have admitted what my therapist has said above. That is as bad as someone using you thinking of transgender women as some mythical creature, as bad as someone seeing the transgender woman as a fetish! I did not believe it at first, but then my therapist told me to watch if I continued to go on dates with transgender women, or just be around them, and wait for them to make a comment on my height or stature, and how it made them feel less dysphoric. This does not mean I have an aversion to transgender women “just because.” I have good cause with how I was treated.

You lesson their dysphoria as a tall woman, They do not really want you.

I hear it all the time from my transgender patients. I am not considered a human being with my own thoughts and feelings by transgender women.

I had NO preconceived ideas about anything before I started dating transgender women--and getting the shit kicked out of me.

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Let a wonderful man be attracted to you just the way you are. You want to be with someone who shares your thoughts, who understands you.One tall transgender woman from Chicago called me “the holy grail for transgender women”. My therapist is trying to protect me as a cisgender woman. I have had dozens upon dozens of transgender women reach out to me. I have tried to talk to and go on dates with other transgender women, and it is not gonna work.My therapist said she hears the same thing from almost all transgender women who see her--they want a cisgender woman taller than them. I am still an ally for everything but you dating me. I will never date a transgender woman again, and I am the most accepting person you will ever meet. I was verbally and emotionally abused repeatedly, by transgender women. People lied to be with me on epic levels, abused me, said they loved me one day, not the next--had PMS emotional roller coasters, threw tantrums like children especially the day before "injection day", the list goes ON and ON. It comes from a place of acceptance, and that enough is enough. This has nothing to do with my love of body parts, post op, pre-op--not at ALL for me.

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