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“It’s taken us 10 years just to get through basic LGBTQ competency training for shelter staff in our city,” he says.“But we’re at the point where things are starting to change.” There are more prominent characters on TV, such as Maura Pfefferman (played by Jeffrey Tambor) on Amazon’s Celebrities such as Caitlyn Jenner and Laverne Cox have also helped bring transgender voices into the spotlight.The best way to predict whether someone will be accepting of a sexual minority is if they have a close personal relationship with a person of that minority, Ross says. S., she has applied for a workers’ visa and plans to move to California in the summer to try and break onto the big screen.Since less than one per cent of the population identifies as transgender, social media makes it possible to build up those connections on a much broader scale. Society has changed since ’98, when transgender characters were only portrayed as sex workers, and transgender people were only used as a tool to shock on shows such as . Ross, a psychology professor at York University who studies social attitudes toward sexual minorities.But with the uncertainty hanging over the Trump-Pence administration, she says there’s growing unease in the transgender community.

And if they do, often the labels are still not wholly inclusive.One in five has been sexually or physically abused, while 13 per cent say they have been fired for being trans.Transgender men and women remain a highly marginalized group, says Alex Abramovich, a trans man and PHD independent scientist who works with LGBT homeless youth at CAMH.Few resources were available, and the common trope in media was that transgender men or women were involved in the sex industry. But four years ago, after stumbling upon a trans woman on You Tube, she began flirting with the idea again.She found more videos from transgender people online, and soon began to feel like she wasn’t alone.

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