Totally colombian dating

Luke, the aforementioned real estate guy who is so boring that he actually seems amused by a woman who tells him to taste his food with "more flavorfulness, more mouthness." Leonard, a 70-year-old widower learning to put himself out there once again.

Gurki, the gorgeous divorcée who is miles better than all of her dates.

Five out of six episodes of follow young, hot New Yorkers who by now might be growing their Instagram followings and basking in their newfound celebrity, and that's just fine.

But the one delightful outlier in the series is Leonard, the widower and former P. who brings an openhearted joy to every date he goes on.

Like him, they're out there on a first date with a genuine hope of making a connection, because they know that life is long and lonely, and is made beautiful by forming connections with other people.The daters who go on their separate ways do it without much pain because they know there will be another date with another person. This is what dating is like in a land of countless options. Do I want to see her again or am I just saying that because it's polite?While those moments are quite dramatic (and, of course, happen only to the straight women), the other dates are all totally fine. There is an existential nagging that grows in the viewer while watching daters fumble around in ways that are too familiar. ) After six episodes, we’re left to wonder: what's the point of dating at all?We don't even find out if the final couple is still together; all we see is them choosing to embark on a second date (the real kind, not the fantastical, meaning-laden The daters are all incredibly different, too, bringing to life first dates that are inane, boring, fun, and even hostile.There’s Lex, the confident and cool gay man his friend calls the Asian James Dean.

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