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I’m asking you to do this as a personal favor to me, even if you don’t ultimately vote for Golisano in the general election. ” Morano added that he had received some “very exciting news about Tom Golisano and the Americans Elect process” that would become public in the coming days. At a time when our country is drowning in debt and government is clearly broken, we need a man who has a successful track record as a businessman and has a history of making and keeping a budget.

When I emailed to ask what that might be, he responded: More A push is underway to draft Rochester area billionaire Tom Golisano into a 3rd party run for President. Tom is a self made Billionaire and has demonstrated the kind of ambition, creativity and competence that our country needs.

Staten Island resident Frank Morano, who is a long time supporter of Golisano, sent out a letter today urging people to go onto the Americans Elect website and sign the petition supporting the former candidate for NY Governor. Americans Elect is pushing to be on the ballot in all 50 states.

Last month, their Chief Operating Officer was on Capital Tonight and explained the process.

(I’ll be asking him that for tonight’s show, but knowing Golisano, I’m probably not going to get much of an answer. …That would be Democratic gubernatorial frontrunner Andrew Cuomo and erstwhile gubernatorial candidate Tom Golisano, who has been quietly advising his fellow WNYer, Carl Paladino, in his quest to defeat the AG in the fight for the state’s top post this fall.

He reportedly sold the Sabres for between 5 million and 0 million). A source close to Cuomo confirmed the AG met privately with Golisano during the Clinton Global Initiative in Manhattan late last month.

“I didn’t think it would happen that easily.” On the same day his sale of the Buffalo Sabres to Pennsylvania oil and gas magnate Terry Pegula becomes official, Paychex founder erstwhile gubernatorial hopeful Tom Golisano is announcing his intention to try to do away with the Electoral College as part of the National Popular Vote campaign.

Golisano, who is now primarily living in Florida and apparently is no longer interested in New York politics, is pumping an undisclosed amount of cash into this effort.

Former Independence Party member and Staten Island gadfly Frank Morano claims he has made some headway in his long-shot campaign to draft retired Paychex CEO and ex-New York resident Tom Golisano to run for president as a (small i) independent.“It seems as if people are either suffering from Obamney fatigue or they or just bored to tears with the existing candidates,” Morano wrote.“Thankfully, it doesn’t have to be this way.” “There will be another choice.However, he maintains a house in Monroe County – which has the nation’s highest property taxes compared to home value – and recently gave a seminar on how to successfully challenge your tax assessment.Cuomo did not directly seek Golisano’s endorsement, according to my source, but the topic of the governor’s race did, of course, come up.

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