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Thanksgiving and Christmas were now sometimes spent with the other volunteers who did not have families, and sometimes with the families of some of the volunteers. The last I heard, he was dating a woman who also volunteered at the animal shelter.

No matter what your life situation is, you can always share your love with others.

Instead of feeling alone and lonely this holiday season, open your heart to giving.

There are many people and animals out there who would welcome your love.

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She had married an emotionally distant man, and after 7 years of more loneliness, had decided to leave him. Gail decided that she was not going to be alone and lonely again this holiday season.

She did some research on service agencies that needed volunteers and discovered a women’s shelter in her area for women and their children who were hiding from physically abusive husbands.

Each day, after her job as a secretary, Gail went around to the markets in her area until she found some willing to donate Christmas dinners for the mothers and their children.

Gail had such a fulfilling experience finding food that she found a small part-time job in addition to her regular job so that she could afford to buy presents for the children at the shelter for Christmas. Then, on Christmas day, she spent her time at the shelter cooking, decorating, serving, and having Christmas dinner with these brave women who had left their abusive husbands to save themselves and their children.

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