Tips on dating girls

You can’t just choose to want to be with someone based on how she looks, right? And you probably shouldn’t be trying to go out with her if you’re just looking to use her for your social status or to make an ex jealous, because that would just be mean. Is she the type of girl that you can see yourself dating even if she gained forty pounds and an extra set of chins?Instead, you have to have at least some knowledge about who she is before you decide to date her. If you can see past her looks and still want to date her, then move on to the next steps. Being the bad boy who jerks women around won’t get you a ticket into her heart.[Read: 12 surefire ways to get a girl’s attention] #5 Be confident, but not arrogant.A girl who knows she’s hot also knows that she can be intimidating. You won’t get struck by lightning whenever you try to talk to her. She’s more likely to pay attention to you, and maybe even like you, if she can see that you’re not intimidated.And we’re not talking about being a gentleman to her and her alone.You have to be a true gentleman to everyone, from the CEO of your company to the guy who sweeps leaves off the sidewalk.

It’s being a gentleman that will get you the keys to her affections.

If the girl is a friend of your friend, convince your pal to invite you whenever she’ll be around.

If she’s an office mate, sync your coffee breaks often enough to make you a familiar face.

If you think the only way you can come up with something funny is by making fun of someone else, skip the humor lest you start offending people and turning her off. We’re not saying you should lurk in the shadows, because that would be creepy.

By being around, we mean you should be within her periphery whenever it matters.

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