This printer is updating the firmware consolidating debt into mortgage calculator

If disabled you are going to use a « bang-bang » temperature control logic (see wikipedia for more details:–bang_control) It’s better to use PID mode for heating element that are compatible with this mode of heating such as Hot ends and 220V heat beds driven by SSR.

Avoid using PID mode for standard 12V 200W heat-beds because the power supply might not handle it very well.

Once opened the ide should look like this It’s really useful for you to increase the size of the window in order to better see the line of codes later on.

To expand the window size click on the increase size on the top right corner of the application.

If you just need a more simple way to drive the heating elements, then use Bangbang mode and disable this « #define PIDTEMP » parameter.When installing firmware over the network, the correct installation order is determined automatically.With all the devices on our networks that we have to keep up to date, do you feel we should also be updating the Firmware/BIOS on Printers? My take: I am not the type to go blindly updating firmware, been bitten with that one too many times in the past. While it makes sense for critical hardware with critical updates to make sure to keep those up to date.In this mode when the temperature is low, the Bang Bang mode will be used.Once the temperature is close to the target temperature (this can be configured in the settings) the PID mode will be used.

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