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In Tennessee, the women love dressing in the latest trends, styling their hair with hot curlers and putting their best smile forward.

Men take the time to groom themselves as well, spending just as much time prepping for a night out as women do. With the number of barbecue restaurants, breakfast joints, and late-night eateries, Tennesseans are ready for chowing down any time of day.

But Tennesseans are strict with manners, which means you’ll be with someone who is always polite, respects others, and will refrain from saying hurtful things by masking them in euphemisms.

The entire Tennessee dialect is like a strong pick-me-up for a bad day.You won’t have to worry about being bored with a Tennessean because their sense of adventure means they are always up for trying new things. However, it’s important to be with someone who values their appearance.Overall, it can affect the way they feel about themselves, and nobody wants to date a Debbie Downer.What this means is that your partner will rarely let you down when it comes to finishing projects, following through on promises and bringing home a decent paycheck for all those date nights. With several distilleries and whiskey bars around town, it’s hard not to wet your whistle from time to time.Whether you prefer craft beer or fruity cocktails, a Tennessean won’t judge you for downing a drink or two. In fact, they might even challenge you to a drink-off.

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