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The scheme was established to help combat and police the incidence of child pornography being available (or distributed) in Finland.However, the website whose aim is to combat censorship has conducted research to prove that the filters set up are too stringent; effectively blocking innocent, and non-pornographic, sites such as Windows help forums, doll manufacturers and computer repair services.

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But, behind the Northern Lights, long winter nights and cosy log cabins, sex might be far more of a national pastime than you’d think.To find out more, read on…The Scandinavian country of Finland, situated to the far North of Europe and, bordering epic neighbor Russia, is home to a small population of 5.5 million people.Widely distributed through the many towns and cities the country virtually doubles in size with tourism figures reaching an annual 4.6 million visitors many of whom look for some distinctly adult entertainment.At the moment, the legislation is seen as a compromise.It isn’t clear just how many women are working as prostitutes in Finland and the visibility of the profession is low; most transactions are conducted privately or via the internet.

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