Technorati not updating posts

But distinguishing between humans and machines is useless on trackbacks, which are all machine entered by definition.I've fought the good fight against the rising tide of trackbacks with various blacklists over the last three years, but as this blog grows more and more popular, I'm clearly losing the war.Word Press has a nice feature of editing the time stamp from which you can schedule the post so that it gets published on any date in future.You may be already using this nice feature for automatically updating your blog.Unfortunately, trackbacks are so horribly and fundamentally broken that they're effectively useless.The original trackback specification was published by Six Apart in summer 2002. The trackback URL is published in the metadata embedded in every blog post: CAPTCHA has completely solved my comment spam problem.Or, you could leave a comment linking to your response, but that feels like additional work. Trackbacks are a way of relating conversations across websites.After you publish your post, you send a trackback to my post.

In fact, if you have been using Word Press for a long time then by now your blog probably has been banned from ping services and you don’t even know it.

By default when you install Word Press it comes pre-loaded with 1 Ping site.

Below is a list that we have collected and screen just his month (June 2014).

This list ping sites that begin receiving your new or edited content immediately.

WP Fix It resolved their 1st ticket in August of 2009.

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