Taking dating slow

As licensed professional counselor Crystal Bradshaw explains, it’s an ‘old’ way of finding a mate since it takes more attention and patience.“You intentionally focus your energy on one person for an extended period of time as you gradually get to know them over the course of longer dates and over a longer period of time,” she continues.This usually means holding off on having sex for at least a few weeks, so your emotional connection is cemented before you sleep together.

As you can probably guess from the name, slow dating is what it sounds like: a much more relaxed way to get to know another human.

“Feelings of romantic love and deep attachment have to be cultivated, through getting to know someone,” she continues.

“You won't know who someone is by their profile, nor will you know who they are and if they are a good fit for you based on one single date.” When you’re dating slowly and investing in one another through meaningful conversations and experiences, you create a bond.

In the survey, 33 percent of men and 43 percent of women answered yes when asked if they had ever fallen in love with someone they did not initially find attractive. Fisher terms this process “slow love,” and says it is becoming more common as people take longer to marry.

“Everyone is terrified that online dating is reducing mate value to just a few superficial things like beauty — whether you swipe left or right on Tinder,” she said in an interview. Once you meet someone and get to know them, their mate value keeps changing.” 43% of women have fallen in love without having that instant buzz! You know how you meet a guy who looks like he has it all? The more time people spend together, the more potential there is to uncover commonalities, understand each others’ humor and values and, therefore, increase mate value; for him and for you.

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