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The end result of this slender footprint in the water is efficient and fast swimming.

It’s not too hard to discern swimmers from the general population by just looking at the tops of their heads.

More currently, Japanese superstar Kosuke Hagino is 5’8”, showing that while the general trend of swimmers is tall, it’s not a deal breaker if you aren’t.Here are 9 signs that you have a swimmer’s body: Swimmers at the top levels of the sport are inordinately tall.As an example, the average height of male 100m freestyle world record holders is 6’4” dating back to 1976, with the United States’ Rowdy Gaines being the shortest amongst the group at 6’1”.It includes a ten month log book, comprehensive goal setting section, monthly evaluations to be filled out with your coach, and more. Join the Your Swim Book weekly newsletter and get motivational tips and more straight to your inbox. It’s understandable, with their broad backs, chiseled mid-sections and habit of finding themselves mostly nude. We might not be able to smell it, or notice, or frankly, care, but the smell of chlorine is our natural scent. Suggestions: anywhere that has an all you can eat menu.

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