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Upon realising that a generation of children born with HIV had become teenagers, BCMCFS started the Teen Club.

About 200 teenagers across the country are part of the Teen Club with two sites in the commercial and administrative capitals of Swaziland.

“I think it’s fair to disclose your status to your boyfriend but I’m not sure how he will take it,” she says.

“Each time he proposes love I tell him that I can’t handle school and a boyfriend at the same time.” But she admits that is not the real reason because most girls her age have already had their first kiss.

While most of the girls in her class are excited about receiving presents from their boyfriends on February 14, Dlamini – who is HIV-positive – does not think she will get any.

Dlamini’s mother kept taking her to traditional healers until their relatives advised her to seek medical help.In 2007 mother and daughter were referred to the Baylor College of Medicine Children’s Foundation-Swaziland (BCMCFS) for HIV counselling and testing.Dlamini tested positive and her mother, a food vendor at Mbabane Market, was found to be HIV-positive as well.Dlamini’s friends at school also do not know about her status because she is worried about the stigma and discrimination that remains rife in Swaziland. Almost 26 percent of the population between the ages of 15 to 49 are HIV-positive.Dlamini only discovered her status six years after her HIV-positive father died.

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