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The Open seminar entitled "Arjen vkivallasta kohti rauhankulttuuria: Utopistinen haaste pohjoisilla alueillamme? The Nordic and North-West Russian seminar titled "Societies in transition - values in transition: values of the youth in the North" in Petrozavodsk, 25th - 27th April 1999; and co-ordinator of its sub-seminar "Anti-violent sex-education at school" in Petrozavodsk, 24th April 1999, the both seminars being financed by Nor FA.

An optional course in Women Studies entitled "Valta, vkivalta, eheytyminen" (Power, violence, integration), (2 cr), University of Oulu, Department of Education together with prof. An optional course in Women Studies entitled "Seksuaalisuuden monet kasvot" (Veried faces of sexuality) (2 cr), University of Oulu, Department of Education together with Jrvel M, Bedford T and Lintil T (1999).

Sunnari V (1999) Nytn voimalla ja varjossa opintiell. Also available in electronic format: URL:http//fi/isbn9514253922 Sunnari V (1999) Muodollisesta tasa-arvon korostamisesta sukupuolen tiedostamiseen. Oulun yliopiston kasvatustieteiden tiedekunnan opetusmonisteita ja selosteita 79, 25 - 44. A presentation "School practice as a pedagogic challenge in primary teacher education" in the joint seminar of the University of Oulu and the State Pedagogical University of Petrozavodsk April 21st - 24th 1997, in Oulu.

The course was held in collaboration with the Women's Shelter Iris, Lule and Northern Feminist University, Steigen in Lule, Sweden, October 20 - 24, 2000.

Artikkeli Kalevassa toukokuussa 1988 A presentation "Sexism, violence and sex-education in Nordic and Northwest Russian schools - an introduction of a research network" in the NCRB - Training course entitled "Children's situation when the mother is being battered and boys' and men's oppression on girls".

A workshop co-ordinator in the Research Day in the Department of Education, University of Oulu, May 26th 2000.

The Nordic and North-West Russian workshop "Gendered violence and school-children / infants, held in Oulu, Finland August 31st - September 3d, 2000 and financed by NCM/CIMO, and the Academy of Finland.

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