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In 2018, Eben expanded his influence from the dating world to the business world by publishing a self-help guide about taking advantage of every opportunity available.

The book is fittingly titled “Opportunity.” Eben’s can-do approach inspires readers to take action and reach their goals in all areas of life.

We understand dating is about more than just attraction and there are things that are important to our members beyond shared interests and hobbies.

He dedicated himself to thoughtfully designing resources and tools that would motivate individuals to reach higher and dream bigger.

As an entrepreneur, Eben asked, “How do I find opportunities to grow my business?

” Now he has written a self-help book to share the secrets of success with self-starters everywhere.

Eben’s light-bulb moment came when he realized that all successful people have one thing in common: Opportunity.

“Successful people are better at spotting it, taking advantage of it, and even building lives that have more and more opportunities come to them,” Eben said.

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