Strong silent type dating

So, the “Silent, strong type” is one of those patriarchal shits that do damage mainly to man.

Is even better, because if you fake well enough, it could be attractive. Doesn’t mind that you’ll end with a very fuck up mental state, very very bad emotional habits, and a complete lack of emotional skills when you are in some kind of close relationship.

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In retrospect, my ex was a total conflict avoidant and hated to get emotionally intimate.

Even then, though, he never communicated how he was feeling OR just lied to himself/me and told me what I wanted to hear. Then he just built up resentment and ended up dumping me pretty suddenly after about 10 months together.

He’d always loved her curvy body, but she seemed happier thinner. Gone were the long denim skirts, loose shirts, bulky sweaters, baggy sweats and oversized T-shirts she’d worn for years. No, Libby—his Libby—began wearing tight, low-cut jeans. She’d chopped her long, honey-brown hair into a short, trendy cut and added blondish-red highlights. Quinn ignored the taunt and focused on Libby sashaying off the dance floor. He’d gone about dealing with this misstep in their marriage the wrong way, expecting Libby to come to him. She knew I’d never leave here because ranchin’ is in my blood. She wanted that life…or so I thought.” Things—no, Libby had changed in the last year. New furniture, repainting a room or two, hanging new draperies, trying out new recipes from faraway places. “Ah shit, Q, you ain’t gonna start with that, I love you man, kinda drunk talk, are you? She didn’t expect me to be a rodeo star or go to trade school.He is definitely a late bloomer and I think it comes from the walls he puts up. We have not dated very long but this dynamic looks more and more like a dealbreaker to me. But that means I tend to see him try to meet my needs better if he is worried about making me mad.Things were starting to get serious and he had to get out. Last relationship went two years, ended one day amicably after she asked where it was going. OP, I've been called the strong silent type on several occasions so I think I can give you some insights. most of us grew up in families, where both parents where strong individuals. we grew up in families where a lot of stuff was communicated non verbally. we grew up in families where everything was assumed to be fine, unless it was obvious it wasn't or someone needed to talk about it.

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