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In fact, I think you ladies should DARE your OH's to try and touch a stripper Personally no.

I would hate it, and what i would do well i don't really know.

They are not all drug addicted street walkers in fact some of them are paying their way through medical, veterinary and law school. These girls know what they are selling, they are selling happiness, joy, pleasure, and contentment…

and they are master problem solvers, have amazing people skills and their work conditions are as they wish them to be.

Years ago a lovely lady moved in next door with her two children and we became friends, her name wasn’t Elsie lol.

Why get bogged down with inconvenient registration pages when you don’t have to?Think about your business, what do you provide your clients?Are you providing happiness, pleasure, contentment…are you a master problem solver with amazing people skills? When most people think of marketing and sales they think of anything but Happiness. In a wide-reaching talk at Startup2Startup in Palo Alto last night, Tony explained how Zappos doesn’t try to extract the most profit out of every transaction that’s made on its site.Basically, from what ive read, they will be cruising down a river (abroad) and have strippers to entertain them all the way.It honestly took me ages to get over it and to this day (almost 2 and a half years since) im still not convinced that he told me the full story.

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